IMPORTANT - Due to regulations most of the brokers close doors, and now the ones that are active are not what we look for in a broker, with that been said we stop accepting new clients and move all our operations to a partner that owns a Crypto hedge Fund, if you still looking to make money online we highly recommend his Hedge Fund, just GOOGLE VIP CRYPTO HEDGE FUND

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We are a group of professional binary options traders that provide a managed account service where clients can copy what we do and make money trading the financial market.


We are always one step ahead of our everyone, we use strategies and trading softwares that work not yesterday, but today unlike most of the services that try to copy us.


We use both fundamental and tecnical analysis to analyse our trades and also use our advanced custom made indicators to help us on the process.


Our Goal is to make money while helping people just like you reaching their goals , and thats only possible thanks to our legendary customer support.

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Auto Trading

You will have a professional trader doing all the trades for you, all operations he will do on his own account will be replicated to yours. Imagine how much can you make on auto-pilot! Binary Options Auto Trading is the easiest way to make money in Binary Options for beginners.


Our professional trader will analyze the financial markets and send you tips so you can place the trades on your account and make money with it. Binary Options Free Signals is great for experienced traders who want to place the trades on their own.

Best Free Binary Option Signals Service

Best free binary option signals

The first thing a binary option Auto Trader should do once she or he starts auto trading is to hold a reliable binary option signal service. These are made possible through subscribing to a great binary options signal provider. It is advisable to avoid choosing binary option signal providers whose signals are not based on facts and are not accompanied with well-calculated profits. Some of the features of a good binary option signals provider are:

We offer signal with an 80% winning rate.

The binary option signal provider should send at least 20 signals a day that is exceedingly helpful and show an 80% winning rate as per the profit calculation which must be showcased to serve as proof of the techniques’ effectiveness to auto traders.

Portrays24/7 customer support

After the binary option signals have been sent to brokers and placed in the market for access by other auto traders, there might arise needs for clarification. A good binary option signal provider should always be in a position to answer the other auto traders’ questions at any time.

Our signals should showcase live trade results.

There should be well calculated predicted profits upon application of the suggested technique in a signal. This indicates that the information given in the signal is reliable, practicable and can result to a major increase in an auto traders earning.

We allow a free trial of the signals.

A binary option signal provider should provide signals for free so as to help a broad range of inexperienced auto traders in mastering the art of auto trading.

Samba Binary Options is the leading binary options signal service provider since it provides quality services in auto trading and a binary options signal. These signals are meant to notify auto traders when a new trading opportunity is available. This could be a new asset in the market, its execution time and direction or expiry times. These signals are sent by highly experienced professionals and are acquired from carefully calibrated logarithms hence they help auto traders maximize their profits. They also inform auto traders on currently running auto trading techniques, helping the auto traders carry on with auto trading efficiently. Only two free binary option signal providers are currently advisable for you. They are the Binary option robot and Binary Hedge Fund since their services are completely free, they have a signal list that can be verified and they also feature the most reliable binary brokers.

The binary option robot signals.

These signals are generated daily by professionals in auto trading. They are then sent to a broker who subsequently places them in the market for other auto traders to access for free. The binary option robot signals are inclusive of info graphics which show the winning rates achieved after applying the techniques showcased in the signal. This is meant to encourage other auto traders to try those techniques by displaying their effectiveness. In the case of binary option robot signals, the information given is unbiased, reliable and is equipped with all the significant details such as asset, direction, expiry time, guidance and pricing option.

Binary hedge fund

This binary option signal provider is mostly for professional investors and large companies that need to invest a large sum of money into auto trading. The investors also receive the signal via a web application thereby no downloads are required. It also consists of professional brokers. The main reason as to why binary hedge fund is convenient to many professional auto traders is because it gives the auto traders full control over their accounts and funds.


Best Binary Options managed account service in 2017.

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