How to earn 250 points in 3 days by Sniper X

How to earn 250 points in 3 days by Sniper X

In the title, I indicated a profit of 250 pips, and this is the minimum that you should be guided by if you work according to our daily signals. If we add to this the signals on the stock and commodity market, then the profit for 3 days of trading could exceed 300 points at 4-digit quotes.

In the comments, I sometimes come across reviews, in which newbies reproach us for the fact that the deals are shown already in fact, in history, anyone, they say, can trade like that. In fact, this statement is wrong.

I recommend that you familiarize yourself not only with the final articles, in which the debriefing is done and the signals are described, but also with the daily analytics. In it, the forecast of the movement of charts of currency pairs and other instruments is laid out in advance. That is, we predict the position of important zones and patterns even before the chart gets there.

Trade on Tuesday

On this day, only one signal out of 5 worked out. The entry point was formed in case of a failed breakdown on the GBPJPY currency pair.

The pattern is better seen on M5. There was a W-shaped movement, and immediately after that an upward movement took place with a consolidation above the maximum of the pattern. This gave a reason for shopping.

The advantage of this trade is the excellent take-profit / stop ratio. SL is limited to a range of 18-20 points, applying the safe rule, one could take a profit of 52 and 104 points, respectively. If the total profit is reduced to a standard lot, then the profit is 4 times higher than the loss.

Medium signals

Medium signals

The middle of the week turned out to be more fruitful – we got 3 entry points:

  • AUDUSD – worked out the bearish scenario, but the chart could not reach the take profit. The entry point itself is ideal, the stop is only 17 points, the resistance is clearly worked out with a price curve below it. The safe rule could have brought 30 points for this deal, but the remainder would have been closed at breakeven;
  • GBPUSD – for the British pound, we watched the formation of a reversal pattern all day. As a result, he was formed. After a sharp breakdown of the pivot segment from bottom to top, it was possible to place a pending buy order with the expectation of returning the chart to it. As a result, this happened, the SL, set under the local minimum, did not work, and the chart reached the take profit, giving a profit of 74 points. At the same time, they risked 50 points;
  • natural gas – this tool reacted to the lower boundary of the accumulation-distribution zone. The reaction was impulsive, although they did not reach TP, but if they had used a partial exit from the market, they could have taken about 19 points, and the remainder would have closed by stop at the breakeven level. The stop did not exceed 9 points.

Thursday deals

Yesterday we could have concluded 2 deals, for one of them the profit exceeded 100 points when using a trailing stop:

  • AUDUSD – the pivot segment highlighted in the forecast turned out to be an insurmountable obstacle for the chart. There were weak attempts to break it, but it all ended in the formation of an entry pattern with a local maximum in the support zone. As a result, with a stop of 10-15 points, the first profit taking already brought 32 points. If the remainder were transferred to a trailing stop, then by the end of the day in the second half of the transaction, we would have made 117 points of profit
  • Ralph Lauren – The Sniper is not tied to any one market, that’s why we use it in the stock market as well. Ralph Lauren shares reacted to the forecast support. There was a difficult moment when a short-term breakdown of the zone took place due to the increased volatility, but then the chart “corrected” and went in the right direction. The result is a profit of 38 points, while the risk did not exceed 17 points.

As a result of trading for 3 days, it was quite possible to get a profit of 200-250 points. This is in view of the fact that 1 non-obvious signal would have been missed.

Trading can really be simple and profitable. All you need is a desire to stop playing in the market and start making money on it. As soon as you change your attitude to trading and start working on Sniper X, you yourself will be surprised how much the results change.